The Castle Collection range of residential doors are available in a variety of styles and configurations with both Low and Standard thresholds, open in/open out and side light combinations.

In addition, a comprehensive range of ‘glazed-in’ panels and/or glass are available to create individuality and style. Fully glazed or with the addition of a mid rail and glass/panel options offer further ability to be innovative in design. All doors are produced from 100% Calcium Organic material.

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Bi-Fold Beauty
The Brit Windows bi-fold glass door range represents a functional and stylish alternative to the more common French door option.

These doors can either be fully or partially opened depending on the amount of space required. Once fully opened, the Brit Windows bi-fold doors are designed to stack easily, creating an incredible open-plan living area indoors, or a welcoming pathway into conservatories and gardens.

Product Options
Brit Windows bi-fold doors are tested for weather performance, insulation, security, and safety – all the things that matter most in your home. They also feature a comprehensive range of bevelled and featured ancillaries to ensure that you can find the style you want. Extra styling options include:

  • Letterplate designed to suit handle choices
  • Chrome, black, and gold locking handles
  • Security dog bolts

As part of our devotion to high-quality house extensions and home renovations, all Brit Window Bi-Fold doors are produced using 100% Calcium organic materials, and feature the following specifications:

  • Manufactured from Duraflex profile with a large outer frame
  • 70mm Bevelled suite available in Standard White, or 70mm Featured suite in foil and Standard White finishes
  • Multi-chambered and internally glazed for strength and reliability
  • PVC standard threshold fitted on low-line aluminium roller tracks
  • Yale 10-point locking systems for excellent security and peace of mind
  • High-performance bespoke hinges with multiple easy-installation adjustments
  • Available in 2-6 panel units
  • Exceptional Q-Lon weatherseal gasket
  • Black locking handles available
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement
  • 28mm Low-line glazing bead




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